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Hajj Checklist A simple & practical guide to the rituals of Hajj & Umrah

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Hajj Checklist

A simple & practical guide to the rituals of Hajj & Umrah

Check you have the following items before leaving home

Task Completed
Credit Card if needed
Passports (check drafts, meningitis certificates, photos)
ID Cards – if applicable (obtained from Tour Operator)
Airplane Tickets or e-ticket numbers
Give hotel address and Passport copies to Next of Kin in UK
Suitcases & Hand Luggage
Mobile Phone if needed & Saudi Sim’s
Hand Luggage Packing List
One small towel
Ittar (perfume)
Unscented Soap, Soap Dish & Flannel
Watch, (Torch)
Extra Ihram
Money Belt, wallet
Small bottle for toilet use, put it in separate bag
Travel mussalah
Spare carrier bag
Some food and drink for journey
Passports, money and tickets
Zip up Quran
Hajj Kitaabs and Notes, Fazaile amaal
AT HOME BEFORE LEAVING (Also see dua at end)
Do Ghusl & Clip Nails, Trim Moustache, clean hair
Read 2 rakaahs nafl for ease of Journey, (if not Makrooh time)
Surah Kaafiroon in 1st and Ikhlaas in 2nd rakaah , do dua and send durood, firstly thank Allah, for opportunity then ask for ease of journey, repentance, protection from nafs and shaytaan, Meet family and leave in a happy state.
AT AIRPORT (If putting on Ihram from Airport)
You are now Musaafir so read Qasr
Check In First
Do wudhu and put on ittar on body (don’t stain ihram). Put Ihram on (If you have not already put on from home)
Put champals on & put clothes away
Read 2 rakaahs salaatul Ihram nafl (make sure not makrooh time), read Kul ya ayyuhal kaafiroon in first rakaat and kul huwalahu ahad in second rakaat (with head covered)
Once the namaz is finished do dua
Mustahab to do this dua:

Allah humma inni us alooku ridhaku wal jannah, Wa a’oozubiku min sakhatika wannar

Birrah matika ya ar hamar rahimin.

Oh Allah I ask of your pleasure and your jannah and I seek refuge from your anger (ghussa, naarazgi) and jahannam.
Go to toilet and renew Wudhu before boarding plane
Read all salaat’s at correct times, allow for time travelling towards Mecca
Read Maghrib when you can see it getting close to sunset
If you are going direct to Jeddah, at correct time do Niyyat for Umrah (Bare Headed for men)

Allah humma inni uridul umrutu, fayasir hali wata kabalha minni

Oh Allah I intend to perform Umrah, please make it easy for me and accept it from me

And then recite talbiya & do Dua
DO NOT USE REFRESHING TOWEL which is given on plane
Enter Waiting room
At immigration, men and women will become separate.
They will take your draft and will give u a transport ticket and a stamp for your Muallim.
After check-in you will meet your women in the luggage dept. Arrange for women folk to wait for you there
After customs, your luggage will be marked with a ticket.
Have Hotel address handy
You will need to find your Muallim if you are travelling alone and board bus for Mecca, you should have a number for him.
Before Mecca there will be a checkpoint where all your passports will be checked in.
After checkpoint, the coach will stop at the Europe Muallim’s office and the receipt for the passport will be given.
The coach should drop you to your hotel
AT MECCA, Entering Haram for the first time
Once you have done wudhu, ghusl (if needed) etc. Make your way to Haram Sharif. Try to enter through Babul Umrah if possible but lots of construction going on at the moment so enter any door.
Enter mosque with right foot, do dua, Bismillahi Wassalatu Wassalamu Ala Rasoolillah,

Allahumaf tahli abwaba rahmatik

Do dua of itikaf as well

Bismillahe dakhaltoo wa alayhi tawakaltoo wa nawaytu sunnatul itikaf

Keep your gaze on the floor, with proper humility until you get to the open space (mataaf) where the Kaaba is, when you get near and you think you can
see it, raise your gaze and recite takbir, Allah Hu Akbar thrice & La ilaha illalah thrice
Then read durood shareef and do dua ask for as much as possible, remember whole Ummah, and that all dua gets accepted, Imam AH done the following dua, Oh Allah, after today please accept all my duas
Recommended Dua, Oh Allah, marte dum tak, istikamat aur ikhlas ke saat, us ki deen ki, hadith ki aur Quran ki khidmat me lagaye rakhe, aur Allah hamara khatima iman ke saat laye,

Do dua for everyone as this is one moment where duas are accepted.

If you feel fit then do Umrah as soon as possible.
Stop reading talbiya (Make sure you have Wudhu)
Look for Hajare Aswad (the black stone), in the corner where there is only one minaret. All other corners of Haram have two minarets
There will also be a green light on the arched walls.
There is no longer a line on the floor showing the position of Hajare Aswad
Do idhtiba (put ihram under right shoulder so it is exposed), this is done for every tawaaf followed by a saa’ee.
Do idhtiba for all 7 tawaafs
Do Raml (Walk Fast with chest out, like marching) for 3 tawaafs (Men only)
Position yourself so your right shoulder is in line with the left hand side of Hajare Aswad. NOT directly in front.
Put your right foot on the floor just on the start.
Do niyyat, this is fardh, Oh Allah I am doing 7 tawaafs of your house for Umrah, make it easy for me and accept it from me.
Then make one side step so you are directly in front of Hajare Aswad. On the line
Then say Bismillahe Allahu Akbar wa Lillahil Hamd, wasslatu wassalamu alla rasoolullah and raise your hands to your ears. (Raise hands at same time)
Then do Istilaam of Hajare Aswad as follows:

Position your hands so they are at the same height as Hajare Aswad then say Bismillahe Allahu Akbar and kiss your hands. DO NOT make a noise.

(have the niyyat in your mind that we would like to do bosa but because of the amount of people I cannot do it)
Then start your tawaaf and do Istilaam every time you come in front of Hajare Aswad.
Do not turn your chest towards Kaaba; if it does then the tawaaf will have to be repeated. Only allowed to turn chest when doing Bosa.
Do dua during tawaaf (Read from Al Hizbul Azam if you have it),
When reaching Rukne Yamaani, if near touch it with right and or both hands, if far away, do not raise your hands or do anything else. Do not touch with left hand only or face chest.
On reaching Rukne Yamani, read the following dua, Allah humma inni asalookul afwa wal aafiyata fid duniya wal aakhirah
From Rukne Yamaani to Hajare Aswad read
After 7 Tawaafs do final Istilaam, then go behind Muqaame Ibraaheem and read 2 rakaahs waajib (better to read Surah Kaafiroon in 1st and Surah Ikhlass in second rakaah). If makrooh time (between Asr and Maghrib, zawaal or after Fajr) then do namaz after makrooh time finishes before sunnats.
No Idhtiba, when reading 2 rakaahs, cover the Ihram over your shoulders.
If you can’t read behind Muqaame Ibraaheem, anywhere else in Masjid is ok.
After namaz, do dua
After dua, you can either go to the multazam, (space between doors of Kaaba and Hajare Aswad) or do dua (chi mat ke) if not busy. (can do before or after zam zam, might be easier after).
Or else stand near it and do dua instead.
After multazzam go to Zam Zam and drink as much as you can. Arrange to meet partner there if necessary. Drink water facing qiblah, do dua, Allah humma inni asalooku ilman naafia, wa rizqan waasia, wa amalan maqboola wa shifa un min kulli daa’in. Can also do dua that Oh Allah, with the barkat of this zam zam water ,save me from the
thirst of the Day of Judgment
After drinking zam zam water go back to Hajare Aswad and do Istilaam (before Saa’ee it is Mustahab) again.
Afterwards proceed to Saee
HOW TO DO SAEE (between Safa and Marwa)
After you get to Safa (follow signs), make intention of Saa’ee
You need to climb up as far as you can until you can see the Kaaba (Due to Construction, this might not be possible anymore). There will be a big pillar, if you look towards Kaaba so the pillar is on your right, you need to look through the pillars and you may see Kaaba.
After seeing Bailtullah, raise your hands for dua, read 3 times Allahu Akbar, and three times La ilaha Illallah, then 4th kalima, then, dua La illaha illallahu wahda, wa anjaza wa’da, wa nasara abda, wa hazamal ahzaaba wahda,
durood sharif, do lots of dua, JAME DUA, and proceed towards Marwah.
At 2 places there will be green lights, from one light to the other you have to jog (men only), all other places walk at normal pace. Do Dua ‘rabig fir war ham, antal a’azul akram’ All other places keep praying, 2nd kalima, 3rd kalima etc
If you can’t jog due to the crowd, do as much as you can, for women there is no jogging.
For men, after jogging one should wait for the women.
While climbing Marwah read following Dua, ab da oo bi ma bada allahoo bihi, innas safa wal marwata min sha’a irillah
At Marwah you cannot see Bailtullah so you should go as far as you can and then turn towards Baitullah and do dua as you did in Safa, read 3 times Allahu Akbar, and three times La ilaha Illallah, then 4th kalima, then, dua La illaha illallahu wahda, wa anjaza wa’da, wa nasara abda, wa hazamal ahzaaba wahda, durood and dua including JAME DUA
Do 7 times, and you will end up at Marwah, start on Safaa and finish at Marwah.
After Dua, Saee is finished. Pray 2 rakats nafl somewhere in Haram if possible, this is Mustahab
You need to cut your hair. You have not finished Umrah until you have cut your hair.
DO NOT USE SOAP ON HEAD when cutting. (Start from right side)
One should SHAVE all of it off, not trim it (can trim but less thawaab)
For women, they should cut off approx one inch off their plat (wrap hair round
finger once per each Umrah)
Now Umrah is finished.
Recommended things to do in MECCA
Try and read at least one Quran in Haram Sharif, read salaah in hateem
Go to Jannatul Malla
Go Gare Hira (known as Jable Nur) Jable Thawr, will need to take taxi
Do as much tawaaf as you can (for as many people as you can).
Do not do so much so you have problems at Hajj time.
Try to learn Hajj as much as possible
Make a note in Mecca of Esha start time and Fajr time for Muzdalifah.
IMPORTANT: If you are doing Qurbani with group, you need to find a contact name and number of person who is doing Qurbani. If you are organising it yourself you need these details, and make sure they are reliable.
HAJJ 7th Zil Hajj
Clip Nails, Trim moustache, cut hair etc
Prepare your luggage to take to Mina, towel, soap (non Fragrant), Quran, tissue, bed sheet, tasbeeh, books, tablets, take as less as possible
After Esha, eat food, have ghusl, (This can also be done later on in night)
then put your ihram on for Hajj
then go to Haram Sharif(afdhal and Mustahab to do niyyat in Haram)
and do one nafl tawaaf if possible (for tahyatul Masjid). If too busy then read 2 rakaahs Tahyatul Masjid
Read 2 rakaahs namaz (with intention of ihram) (1st rakaah, Surah Kaafiroon, 2nd rakaah, Surah Ikhlas) with head covered, then open head and do dua
And do niyyat, Allah humma inni uridul Hajja, fayassirhali watakablha minni (Oh Allah, I am making intention of performing Hajj, make it easy for me and accept it from me)
Then do talbiya 3 times
Now you are muhrim
OPTIONAL, you can do the SAEE for Hajj, which would normally be done after Tawaafe Ziyarat (For Tamattu, better to do Saee after Tawaafe Ziyarat).
If you want to do this then, you will have to do a nafl tawaaf and then the SAEE.
You will need to do Raml (3 rounds) and idhtiba.
Now go home and go to sleep if time or wait for Fajr and spend time in Ibaadat
8th Zil-Hajj MINA
After Fajr, Have breakfast and then leave for Mina, It is best not to leave before Fajr but If your group leaves at different time due to organisational issues then not a problem. Best to walk it, easier and quicker, find out Tent number and area in Mina where your tent is and go with someone from group who knows. Keep Reciting Talbiya
Need to get there before Zuhr
At Mina, need to read 5 salat’s from Zuhr to Fajr the following day. Need to do Qasr if you have spent less than 15 days in Mecca before Hajj, FIND LOCATION OF YOUR TENT ON MAP AND MAKE A NOTE OF IT
Do as much Ibaadat, talbiya (try to read in 3’s) zikr, durood, istighfaar, teaching & learning as possible, abstain from Worldly Talk
Eat as least as possible; try only fruit & Liquid because you will not have to do istinja much.
Spend the night there
9th Zil-Hajj ARAFAAT
After Fajr, eat breakfast then leave for Arafat after Sunrise, (quite far, possible to walk but coach easier)
Need to do Qasr namaz if you have spent less than 15 days before 8th Zil Hajj
Need to get to Arafat before Zawaal time.
From Zawaal, till subha sadiq the following day, one needs to have spent some time there.
On reaching Arafat, get fariq before zawaal (i.e. istinja, wudhu etc, expect long queues)
Start Ibaadat after Zawaal until Maghrib,
Do as much dua as possible, tilaawat etc.
Best to go near Jabale Rehmat and do Ibaadat, DO NOT climb the mountain.
Do Ibaadat standing as much as possible outside with hands raised as in Dua facing Qiblah, then inside tent if tired Can sit if tired from Standing, but Makrooh to lie down if not ill\old.
Try not to sin with the mouth.
Do not pray Zuhr and Asr together, pray them in their own times.
Advisable prayers Pray 4th kalima 100times.
After sunset leave for Muzdalifah, do not read Maghrib at Arafat. (possible to walk, try to relieve yourself before you get to Muzdalifah)
From Arafat we need to go to Muzdalifah, doing labbayk.
Sometimes you will get dropped off before the boundary of Muzdalifah, you will know by the lighted area on a big plain and lots of people will be picking up stones.
Once you get there do istinja and do Wudhu if needed, get farigh. (might be easier to find toilets on opposite side which are less busy, ensure you stay within Muzdalifah boundary)
Ensure that all people in the group can get to the hotel and have enough money so if you get lost they can go there.
If you get lost inform aalim and tell then the situation and do whatever they tell you.
At Muzdalifah, need to read Maghrib and Esha together at Esha time (Check the time noted in back of checklist) in the following manner.
In jamaat, do one azaan
Then iqaamat
Then Maghrib 3 farz
Get up and no azaan and no iqaamat
Start 4 farz of Esha if Imam is Muqeem (or 2 if in safar)
Then do sunnah of Maghrib
And then sunnah and waajib of Esha.
Can read both Maghrib and Esha any time before Fajr
If you do not get to Muzdalifah before Fajr and Fajr time is near then do both salat’s (Maghrib and Esha wherever you are).
Need to stay at Muzdalifah until Subha Sadiq.
After Esha eat some food
Then collect stones
Big as chick pea’s minimum and max, date stone.
Need to collect at least 80 stones. (make sure you don’t accidently pick up clumps on dust)
Mustahab to wash them as well.
Very big night, do lots of Ibaadat (try read tahajjud).
Sort out the stone into bags, ready for Rami (7 stones in one bag, 21 stones in 2 others (or 3 bags if doing Rami on 13th), keep spare as well just in case)
And have rest as well; make sure you stay away from sin
10th Zil-Hajj (eid)
Make a note of Fajr time in Mecca and read Fajr on proper time.. Carry on in Ibaadat until just before Sunrise facing Qiblah, doing talbiya, tasbeeh, dua etc
Just before Sunrise leave for Mina, easy to walk if you know where your tent is
On reaching Mina, need to do Rami as soon as possible (Sunrise to Zawaal – Mustahab, Zawaal to Maghrib – Mubaah, After Maghrib Makrooh for able bodied people, not for elderly, weak etc. Try around Asr time).
Try and get some rest first,
To identify the 3 jamaraat. The nearest to Mecca is the big one, then the next one is the middle one and then the little one. At Masjide Khaif, the nearest jamaraat is the little one, then the middle one etc.
Stop reading talbiya
Only need to do Ramee of big shaytaan (Waajib)
When going to do Ramee, be careful, advisable to approach Jamaraat from behind as there will be fewer crowds, also travel with wife together in small group, skirt around main crowd to the rear and then do Ramee. This is now a flyover system so easier.
7 stones use thumb and forefinger. Needs to land within 3 yards of wall
Need to throw each stone separately
Need to have Masjid on the right when you throw
Raise arm so Armpit is viewable (men).
Read dua or read Bismillahe Allahuakbar and throw stone
No dua after Ramee of big shaytaan
Do not throw very hard
Do not hit pillar hard because if it rebounds off and falls outside the 3 yards, need to throw it again.
Try doing after Asr (more quite) make sure you don’t miss your namaz!
Best time for women is between Asr and Maghrib.
Read Asr and then go to do Rami, if there is not enough time, leave before Asr and perform Asr near jamaraat (don’t leave salah until after you have finished your Ramee or you might miss).
After Maghrib until Subha Sadiq, makrooh time for Ramee (might be better for women and elderly to do this way, not Makrooh for women).
If it is done after Maghrib, you will not be able to do Qurbani, but then have to stay in Ihram for another day.
Time for Ramee is until Subha Sadiq
After Ramee make way to Mecca if someone doing Qurbani on your behalf or to Qurbani area in Mina if doing it yourself
Need to do Qurbani for shukr, try doing it yourself, if not be present, if not get someone else to do it on your behalf
Contact person who was performing Qurbani, you need to confirm 100% that it has been done before shaving head.
If Ramee was done after Maghrib, Qurbani has to be done next morning.
Then shave head (HALAQ), do this in Mecca, easier. (start from right side & remember not to use Soap on Head)
For Women, trim slightly more than an inch from end of plaits
Then have Ghusl and take Ihram Off (Remember relations are still not permitted yet)
Best done on 10th but easier to do it on 11th morning after shaving head.
Waajib to be done before Maghrib on the 12th
Ok for women in haiz to delay after 12th
Wife only halaal after this
Go to Haram and perform Tawaafe Ziyaarat (Do Raml for first 3 rounds even if not in Ihram)
Read 2 rakaahs behind Muqaame Ibraaheem
Go to Zam Zam and Drink, then dua, including Jame Dua, at Multazzam if possible,
Now go and perform SAAEE, check above for procedure
11th Zil-Hajj
Go to Mina as soon as possible after Tawaafe Ziyarat, need to get there before Zawaal. It is best to spend the nights of Hajj in Mina, more beneficial.
need to do Rami of all 3 jamaraats
starting with small jamaraat
7 stones each
Can only do after Zawaal
best to do after Asr, less busy
right side near Masjid again
stone little jamaraat then turn right towards Kaaba and do dua, surah fatiha, durood sharif, try reading surah baqarah as much as possible, or do dua for duration it takes to read at least 20 ayahs.
Then stone middle one and do dua,
Then stone large one and no dua
Then return to tent and carry on Ibaadat
12th Zil Hajj
Do Rami of all 3 again as on 11th
Best to do after Asr again, try reading Asr near Jamaraat at start time then do Ramee or maybe even try leaving after Zuhr start time.
Try to leave then before Maghrib, if you don’t leave then it is Makrooh to leave without Ramee. If still there at subha sadiq waajib to do Rami of the 13th as well
Can do Rami on 13th (best after zawaal)
Do as late as possible, before leaving Mecca, try and make it last tawaaf
Do tawaaf, then 2 rakaahs behind Muqaame Ibraaheem and then zam zam
Then do dua on multazam and ask Allah to bring you back again as soon as possible (read Jame Dua)
Make Istilaam of Hajare Aswad and depart with a heavy heart that you are leaving Kaaba, look at Kaaba for last time.
Ziyarate Medina
Read durood sharif on the way to medina
Also read tafsirs of the prophets life and tell others
Before going to Prophets Mosque, dress in best clothes, as much sunnah as possible, put on ittar, imaamah if you have one
When going to do salaam, you will have to enter from gate on right hand side of Masjid, if you do salaam directly in front then you won’t have much time, try to stand a bit of distance away, that way you will have more time,
Remember to convey salaams of all people who have asked you.
Important Information (Fill in the boxes below with the relevant Information)
Fajr Time in Makkah
Hotel Name & Address

(Keep Hotel Card)

Hotel Phone Number
Name & Contact Number of Group Representative
Name & Contact Number of person who is doing Qurbani


Dua when Leaving for Hajj

After completing your personal Dua, say Oh Allah, your prophet SAW and all your pious Servants, whatever duas they made at this point when leaving for Hajj, I ask for these as well, and please accept them from me

Also whenever you get a chance, recite the following duas

Allahumma inni asalooku min kharay ma sa’alooku minhoo nabiyyukoo Muhammad SAW etc

Allah humma inni asalooku minal khayree kullihee aajiliihee ma alimtoo minhoo wa ma lam aa’lam, wa aa’udhoo bika minal sharree kullihee wa aajilihee ma alimtoo minhoo wa ma lam aa’lam

Jame Dua

At each place where dua is accepted, i.e. seeing baitullah, at safaa marwa, we should make the following dua,

Oh Allah, whatever dua your Prophet SAW and your pious servants asked at his place, I ask of you for these things as well and please accept them from me.

Disclaimer: Although I have taken great care in preparing this checklist it is the responsibility of each person to ensure that they are performing the correct acts so please make a bit of effort and confirm all actions and please do dua for all me, Maulana Salam Chaklader whose books\talks have helped me compile this, my family and all the Ummah.










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